Air Quality

Air Quality

  • Estimated Pricing
  • Change Filters 1 Month
  • Clean Air Ducts 1 Year
  • System Maintenance 6 Months

As a homeowner you might be focused on whether your unit is producing hot/cold air but it is important to keep in mind the indoor air quality of your home. When you use your system all doors and windows are normally closed, recycling the indoor air. If no fresh outdoor air is exchanged with the polluted indoor air then the polluted air particles inside your home can cause serious long-term and short-term illness to the residents in the home. Our professionals will find the source of the polluted air and take the necessary steps to eliminate poor indoor air quality in your home for your comfort and health. Keep the residents in your home healthy and schedule an appointment with Accutrol to check the air-quality inside your home.

Health Effects

If exposed to poor air quality for a short period of time the health effects are not as serious. Some short-term effects would consist of; headache, nausea, itchy eyes, nose, and throat, dizziness or fatigue. Long-term health effects can be serious and fatal such as cancer, respiratory disease, and heart disease.


Ventilation is key to keep clean air inside your home, old polluted air from inside needs to be replaced with fresh air from outside. If you have poor indoor air quality the best way to fix the problem is to increase ventilation throughout the property. Open your doors and windows for a natural way to ventilate your home and let the polluted inside air outside. If problems persist, schedule an appointment today.